Neuigkeiten unserer Partnerorganisationen: ECIA Newsletter 2020#2

President’s message:

Dear colleagues,

The world stood still and now it’s time to get into gears again.

During the last month we have been tanked with a lot of numbers.

Numbers about corona cases and also numbers about billions of Euros in aid and support from the EU as well as from federal and state governments.

The question is – can we take part in using these numbers?

In some countries it works, in others the aid provided does not seem to be getting us anywhere.

Who is to blame? Is it the bureaucracy, the EU, the banks or ourselves?

For me this raises a lot of questions but are there any answers? Will the use of this money help us to solve anything? Will any necessary changes come out of it?

Our branch has always had its ups and downs. In some fields of the Interior Architecture more, and in others less.

Our skills, flexibility, creativity and our open minds are now societies most valuable assets. Our contribution to creating new systems, our perseverance and our attention to sustainable design will be much needed in the months to come.

We in the ECIA board decided in our latest conference after we had analysed the different options to move on, not to ignore any restrictions but continuing where we left off but with an entirely new start. Let us develop new, solidaric and fair values for the future, and be guided by positive visions.

My hope is that we will work with these ideas in our upcoming General Assembly in September, in Helsinki, which we are organising together with our friends from the SIO.

So please join us, the program is on its way, enjoy reading this newsletter and stay healthy!

Martin Thörnblom

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